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Each one of us have unique dreams and life goals. We all have different lifestyles and variables to design our career around. It’s essential your personal values lead the way when you build your business plan.

2020 was all about getting scrappy. Trying things in my business, working with all kinds of clients, showing up how they needed. Leading to unsustainable business strategies, burnout and a complete mental health breakdown, if you’ve followed me, you know that I’m completely transparent with my life’s challenges…

In June I thought I was going to scale my business along with my new branding and relaunch. That was not what my higher self wanted, nor what my family and mental health needed (it was summer and my daughter was out of school more and we had trips scheduled, and I had some deep healing to do.)

I was planning and strategizing based on other people’s business models. I learned the hard way, what works for other’s is not always replicable for you.

I took a giant step back. Shut my computer, turned off posting on instagram and recalibrated.

My healing journey and reconnection to source and inner peace looked like this:

  • Hypnotherapy with Brad Plotkin (I highly recommend)

  • Microdosing Protocols

  • 1:1 Coaching with Suzanne Raja

  • 1:1 Coaching with Vanessa Scotto

  • Naked mid-day pool dips

  • Walks and playdates with my child

  • And some much needed travel with Gabe

Everyone’s healing journey is different, you don’t have to model yours after mine. But the one thing that I can recommend is that you take time to align with your higher self and what it is your soul is calling.

Since this deep healing journey I have restructured my business. I brought on an operations manager (Dawn, she’s a dream) and hired out for the tech (virtual assistant work).

Weekly Dawn and I go over my weekly goals and quarterly goals. What makes it different now is that I hired someone who has a similar life as me, she is a mother. We now block my time and my goals accordingly. We are also focussed on my legacy and my life’s mission, which is to break the stigma of personal reinvention and to elevate consciousness through psychedelics.

For you that big variable might be different, your goals, your values, your desires might all be very different than mine.

I am now working in my ZONE OF GENIUS, and not only am I working in it daily I am creating the architecture of my career based on my personal Zone Of Genius GPS.

I first heard of arching your career with your Zone of Genius via a Masterclass I watched late one night. I was so inspired and decided to create my own spin on it (through my own 90 minute workshop, where we won’t skimp over the broken belief systems you may subconsciously be carrying around).

Your zone of genius is made up of 4 different buckets:

  1. Your Passions

  2. Your Talents

  3. Your Values

  4. Your Life’s Mission

Once you discover what is in each of these buckets, the overlap is your Zone Of Genius. It’s more than just what tasks you will delegate, but it can actuality serve as a compass and a roadmap to the Legacy you will leave in this world.

So much of life’s circumstances (and our careers) are an accumulation of what our families have raised us to do, what society projects upon us, decisions driven by fear or survival. Discovering and affirming what YOU desire and what deeply drives you is essential in creating a fulfilling career.

When you are operating from a deep sense of knowing, you create in a bigger way, a way that create massive impact in the world.


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